Using ASC management software can greatly increase the efficiency of the ASC. Braintree’s specific brand of medical workflow software can automate tasks performed at the ASC that generally require too much time in paperwork. The Braintree medical workflow software also has features that can help grow the business side of the ASC. 

How can Braintree’s ASC management software help an ASC? Here are specific benefits that an ASC can get from the Braintree medical workflow software.

  • Administrative tasks such as scheduling and admission can be done electronically. Appointments are entered into a scheduler tool. New electronic medical records can be created with a few strokes on the keyboard. Instead of fishing file folders from a cabinet, existing electronic medical records can be pulled up with a click of the mouse.
  • Monitoring of the inventory is done in real-time and, therefore, more efficiently. Every item used during a procedure is immediately taken out from the master inventory encoded into the ASC management software, thus lessening the need to tally supplies on a frequent basis. When supplies are running low, the software can alert the supply officer so that he or she can draft the purchase order.
  • Billings can be completed on the same day as the completion of the procedure. This is because all the supplies used in the procedure as well as their dollar values are already factored in while the procedure is taking place. Also, while the procedure is taking place, the patient dictation is being done at the same time. The coding is done automatically so the billing officer does not have to work on the coding itself.
  • Costing reports can be generated automatically by the ASC management software. Because all the variables are being inputted in real time, while the procedure is taking place, costing reports and other clinical reports can be generated with only a few clicks of the mouse. These reports can also be sent electronically through a network without any need for printing them out and sending them through a courier.
  • Image PACS are integrated with the ASC management software. Any DICOM-formatted images pertinent to the patient are attached to the patient’s electronic medical record. The PACS images, the electronic medical record and any other related files can be accessed anytime and anyplace by any authorized member of the staff with the use of a computer with Internet access or a web-capable mobile phone.
  • Because all the variables are being inputted in real time using the medical workflow software, practice analysis can be generated in real time as well. How well the business side of the ASC is growing can be determined easily at any point in time, thus giving the people in charge more room to make quick decisions about business when necessary.

Having the Braintree ASC management software can help an ASC do what it does the best perform procedures that patients need to alleviate pain and improve their well-being.