Pain centers exist to help people suffering from high levels of pain find some relief, hopefully permanent. Efficiency is highly important in pain centers, simply because every second counts. The faster the attending staff can help in easing away the pain experienced by the patient, the higher the patient’s level of satisfaction could be. Efficiency in pain centers can be greatly improved with the use of pain management software.

The Benefits of Braintree’s Pain Management Software

Braintree’s pain management software can automate administrative tasks that are necessary for a pain center to run. These tasks can include scheduling and admission, creation of electronic medical records, monitoring and recording procedures, management of inventory, generating various reports, handling billings and claims, and even aiding practice analysis.

Automating such tasks can greatly reduce time and resources spent in doing paperwork. The freed-up time and resources can be used in other things such as improving the way the patients are taken care of in the pain center. In addition, because the medical workflow software is intranet-based and networked, the compilation and sharing of data is also made easier.

The Special Features of Braintree’s Pain Management Software

Braintree’s pain management software has several useful functions and features that can heighten the performance of a pain management center. Special among these features are:

  • Real-time compilation of EMR. For every procedure, patient dictations and CPT codes are automatically compiled for a complete and detailed electronic medical record. Data is updated in real time on the EMR. If the patient is new, the EMR can be created and saved into the database in just a few strokes on the keyboard.
  • Web-based interface. The Braintree pain management software is Intranet-based. This means networking of data can be easily facilitated electronically, eliminating the need for couriers to take printouts back and forth.
  • Picture archive communications systems (PACS) integration. All images taken during a procedure can be attached automatically to the patient’s EMR through the PACS integration of the Braintree medical workflow software. With integrated PACS, images can be shared with physicians and other health care professionals without any trouble. Moreover, the images can be archived and stored, and are easily retrievable when needed.

In summary, having a pain management software like Braintree’s can have a positive impact on a pain center. The treatment of pain becomes faster, and the quality of the treatment becomes higher.