The billing procedure that a medical facility implements can be said to be the core of its business side. After all, unless the medical facility operates on charity and delivers its service pro bono, it cannot earn its upkeep and its profits without having an efficient billing procedure in place.

Most of the time, medical facilities interact with health insurance companies when it comes to billing their patients for rendered services. The billing process can be a long and arduous one for the person in charge of handling it. When processing claims, the billing officer does not just work with the reports on what procedures were performed on the patient and how much each procedure costs. He or she also has to figure out the right procedure code from the Current Procedural Terminology or CPT that will correspond with the physician’s diagnosis.

If the medical facility does not have a medical workflow software application in place to help the billing officer get his or her work done, it can take days to get the paperwork in order. Even if HIPAA requires that billing claims that medical facilities make with health insurance companies be done electronically, the bulk of the billing procedure still needs considerable amount of paperwork.

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