BMWPlatform: One Solution Does it All

The Braintree Medical Workflow Platform (BMWPlatform) is an intranet, web-based medical workflow software application that combines all the functions of every department in a medical facility into one complete package. It automates scheduling and admittance, the creation and updating of electronic medical records (EMRs), management of medical images, data distribution, monitoring of supplies and inventory, formulation of clinical reports and medical billing reports, generation of the practice analysis, and any other tasks that are considered necessary in running a medical facility. It even has a built-in PACS server for image management and distribution, and it is fully compliant with the standards of DICOM, HIPAA and HL7.


With BMWPlatform, there is no need for separate software applications, add-ons, or plug-ins, because BMWPlatform does it all:

  • RIS: radiology information systems such as scheduler, modality worklist, study routing, etc.
  • PACS: picture archive communication systems including the capture of a patient’s digital image; archiving, communication, and manipulation of digital images; routing and distribution of digital images, as well as clinical applications to analyze digital images.
  • EMR: admissions, nursing, H&P, pre procedure, intra procedure, post procedure, medications, ePrescribing, messaging, clinical and billing reports, and more.
  • ERP: enterprise resource planning including supply chain, medical inventory, employee timekeeping, vendor management, and more.
  • Practice Analysis: reports for everything, including procedure rate, complications, exams vs. charges, schedule planned vs. actual, referring physician trends, referrals by market segment, employee efficiency, productivity, unfinished procedures, billing on time, patient time, referring physician time, procedure costing, and more.


Powerful Features

BMWPlatform boasts an extensive feature set designed to benefit every aspect of your medical facility and your staff. Workflow features automate daily tasks, aid communication, and create customized reports. PACS features facilitate capturing, storing, and sharing images. Admin features allow your network or systems administrator to control the usage of the software, as well as the access to the data stored within the database and server.

Workflow Features

  • Patient Management
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Nursing Module
  • Pre-operative Module
  • Intra-operative Module
  • Post-operative Module
  • Modality Worklist
  • Practice Analysis Statistics Reporting
  • Web-based PACS
  • DICOM Worklist and HL7 Interface
  • Billing reports and integration support with third-party systems
  • Follow up alert system
  • Image-integrated clinical reports and billing reports
  • Inventory Management System

PACS Features

  • Image Acquisition
  • Image Archiving
  • Image Compression
  • Image Backup
  • Image Display
  • Image Routing
  • Installation of Image Plugins


  • Referral Portal
  • Message Portal
  • Fax Portal
  • QRDA Portal
  • Meaningful Portal
  • PQRS Portal
  • Forms Portal
  • Credential Portal

Certification Features

  • Meaningful Checklist
  • Compliance Audit
  • Checklist
  • Meaningful Reports
  • Clinical Quality Measure Reports
  • Physician Quality Reporting System

Admin Features

  • Database Management
  • Statistics Report Generation
  • User Management
  • Security Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Referral Portal
  • Access History Management
  • Chart Audits
  • Custom Inventory Placements

Increase Productivity

When you streamline the processes needed to perform tasks in your medical facility, you reduce the steps needed to complete those tasks and consequently shorten the time it takes to accomplish those tasks.

Workflow optimization using BMW Platform resulted in reduction of examination times by 60%. Overall productivity increased by more than 50%. More effective time management saves an average of 60 minutes per day. Plus:

  • Practice Analysis reports analyze key business indicators to increase productivity
  • Eliminate a majority of the time-consuming steps taken in film-based system and DVD archiving
  • Instantly deliver images to primary care and referral physicians
  • Access images and reports from anywhere

Increase Efficiency

BMW Platform enables real-time sharing of information between the interventionalist, the clinic, the referral physician and the surgeon. With less time needed to perform these tasks, your medical facility can put more focus on patient care and improve your outpatient utilization rate. One authoritative source of patient information means far less time spent on missing data, reconciliations and duplicate information:

  • Reduce report time by more than 90%
  • Increase exam volumes within your current cost structure
  • Time from examination to Clinical Report and Billing Report has dropped from 12-24 hours to 60 minutes
  • Real-time information sharing between interventionists, clinics, referring physicians and surgeons
  • Modular components allow you to expand your solution as you see fit

Reduce Turnaround Time

Reduced waiting time for patients results in increased patient turnover rate. From scheduling to billing and every step in between, BMW Platform gives your business new tools to increase speed and reduce your turnaround time, including:

  • Worklists that move through the workflow within seconds of each step’s completion
  • Turnaround times reduced from days to minutes
  • Immediate delivery of preliminary reports to referring physicians
  • Intelligent exam/study association automatically opens and displays the right image

Decrease Costs

When you have the tools to do more, you need less. Less personnel, administrative and back office staff. A more efficient method of managing EMRs and PACS means you pay for less storage space, less film, less paper, and even less software applications. Key areas of your potential cost savings include:

  • Embedded document management cuts paper costs
  • Digital images reduce film and supplies costs
  • Customized reports and clinical codes for vascular centers with zero additional cost
  • Reduced storage space means maximized usability for your facility
  • Fully Compliant Detail Practice analysis reports are included at no extra cost

Easy Integration and Unparalleled Reliability

BMW Platform is easily integrated into your existing IT architecture. It supports any platform or operating system, and can be backed up and archived using your IT administrator’s chosen method or media. BMW Platform integrates seamlessly with all of Braintree’s other software applications, including the BT Scheduler, the BTRIS, the Inventory, and the BT Monitor.

Far more reliable than any conventional paper-based system, BMW Platform is designed for accuracy. Your medical facility deals with critical issues every day. Accuracy in diagnosis, in treatment, and in carrying out administrative tasks is essential.

BMW Platform’s single platform offers a simple, user-friendly interface. Your staff doesn’t have the time to become software experts, so we’ve made our software intuitive and easy to use with customizable user preferences and point-and-click interactivity that works the way your staff thinks it should.

We are so confident in BMW Platform’s reliability that we back it up with a built in portal that allows your users to contact our well-trained support staff to help you address any questions or issues regarding the use of the BMW Platform.

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