Braintree’s medical workflow software can assist your vascular center in achieving the highest levels of patient satisfaction. The best-run medical facilities these days, no matter how big or small they are, are now run in a manner similar to hospitals, with a high emphasis on patient satisfaction. Because vascular diseases are dangerous, life-threatening diseases, patients and their families expect the best care and treatment possible from a vascular center. 

Braintree’s vascular management software is designed to help vascular centers provide the best care and the best treatment to their patients. A high standard of quality in attending to a patient’s needs is guaranteed from the moment the patient makes his initial appointment to the moment he checks out of the vascular center. Braintree’s vascular management software offers your vascular center a number of benefits, including:

  • Patient Access Flow and Access History Management.
  • Web-Based Access to all Patient Information
  • Exam-Driven Workflow from pre-scheduling, scheduling through Billing
  • RIS for Scheduling and Work List Management
  • PACS for Image Management with FDA approved image viewer.
  • EMR for Pre, Intra, and Post Op Management
  • Inventory Management for supplies and Vendor Management
  • Real-Time Patient Admission Status
  • Point-and-Click Workflow Tools
  • Practice Analysis Reports
  • Safety and Complications Reports
  • Quality Outcome Reports
  • Customizable Performance and Financial Reports
  • Chart Audits and Recertification Reporting
  • Interfaces with Transonic, Vasc-Alert, HL7, DICOM, etc
  • Excellent Research tool
  • Referral Portal gives real time status of the patients to the Referral Physicians to view dicom images, cines, and clinical reports.
  • And much more