Braintree’s Image Managing System (PACS)

The system known as picture archive communication system or PACS is a technological solution that is used in the medical industry to manage digital images created through the various methods of imaging available in the medical industry. The beauty of PACS is that it allows these medical images to be manipulated whenever necessary, attached to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) for easy reference, and accessible to all doctors and medical personnel directly in charge of caring for the patient. Using PACS enables a more accurate diagnosis of a patient’s symptoms as well as a more precise method of treatment for the patient’s illness.

The built-in PACS server is one of the highlights of the Braintree medical workflow software, named BMW Platform. What makes Braintree’s PACS unique is that it reduces the medical facility’s dependence on film, thereby reducing costs in supplies. Because the facility becomes less dependent on film, the spaces previously used for storing film can be utilized more productively to improve business. Also, access and sharing of images is much more simplified with Braintree’s PACS.

The specific features that Braintree’s PACS offers are:

  • Image acquisition. Permanent files of the image are created, whatever procedure was done on the patient and whatever method of imaging is used.
  • Image archiving. The files are saved for future use and are attached to the patient’s electronic medical record for reference.
  • Image compression and backup. The size of the image and the space it occupies in the server is kept optimized. In case the original files become misplaced or corrupted, backups can be made easily.
  • Image display. The images can be retrieved through the workstation anytime it is needed. It is no longer necessary to have a hard copy of the image at hand all the time.
  • Image routing. The image can be accessed and shared among the attending physicians and other parties concerned with the care of the patient. This once again eliminates the necessity of creating redundant copies of the image.

Braintree’s PACS makes the imaging work easier at the medical facility. Less time spent in managing images means more time devoted to giving high-quality patient care.