Outpatient centers have different areas of specialization. It could be oncology, women’s health, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, ophthalmology, or any other areas of specialization in medicine. But regardless of the differences in areas of specialization, an outpatient center exists to take care of a patient’s health and well-being. Braintree’s BMW Platform provides beneficial solutions to specialty outpatient centers. These solutions are meant to increase efficiency and productivity in the specialty outpatient center, thereby increasing the levels of satisfaction patients experience there.

How the BMW Platform Benefits Speciality Clinics

The BMW Platform is designed with a number of features that are meant to make work easy for specialty outpatient centers. The key features of the BMW Platform are:
  • Integrated PACS. The built-in PACS server of the BMW Platform allows the specialty outpatient center to create and manipulate medical images, append these images to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), and share these images to parties concerned, such as the attending physician, the medical staff directly in charge of the patient’s care, and other authorized health care practitioners.
  • Patient scheduling and monitoring. The BMW Platform helps the outpatient center to keep track of its patients, from the time they are booked for a procedure to the time they are billed for the treatment they have received. Updates and notes can be easily made on the EMR, and the EMR can be shared among the attending physicians and authorized medical personnel.
  • Inventory and billing. The BMW Platform automates a considerable part of the inventory monitoring and the billing process. Every time a procedure takes place, the supplies used in the procedure are immediately taken out of the master inventory. When supplies run low, the supplies officer is alerted at once. The patient dictation and coding for the procedure is also done in real time so that when the billing officer processes the billing, he no longer has to spend time in coding.
  • Practice analysis. With the BMW Platform, the outpatient center administrator can look at how the center is performing business-wise by generating reports instantaneously. This allows the administrator to make quick decisions that will affect the business and finances of the center.
All in all, what the BMW Platform does is to improve the flow of work in the outpatient center, as well as to help in saving time and money for the center. With more resources at the center’s disposal through an effective medical workflow software application, the center would have the opportunity to give a higher quality of care to its patients.