A Typical, Day-to-Day Scenario Using Braintree

The goal of Braintree Medical Workflow Platform is to increase your efficiency and productivity every day. Not just isolated areas of operations, but each and every step of your workflow process is positively impacted by BMW Platform. When you utilize our medical workflow software solution, you and your staff enjoy these benefits every day, for every step of every procedure:


All schedules, availabilities, and cancellations are updated in real time within BMW Platform. When a patient contacts your facility, your receptionist can instantly find the best day and time to schedule an appointment. BMW Platform can be configured to allow appointments as far in advance as you prefer.


When your patient arrives, your nurse admits the patient by accessing customized admission forms and other templates directly from any computer on your system. BMW Platform allows your admitting nurse to instantly and electronically retrieve any of the patient’s existing records. By eliminating paper-shuffling and reducing paperwork retrieval and updating time, your attending physician gets a much faster start on the required procedure.

During the Procedure

All vital signs are captured through Diacom-based monitors. All supplies used during the procedure are automatically logged through a user-friendly, customized drop-down menu on the BMW Platform interface. The nurse records each step of the procedure that the attending physician performs on the patient. With each step, the nurse simply clicks on the appropriate box to enter the correct CPT codes and automatically initiate dictation.

After the procedure

Upon completion of the procedure, the dictation and encoding of the billing codes are automatically updated. Because the nurse logged in the supplies used for the procedure, the supplies are immediately accounted for and removed from the master inventory. The monetary value of all the supplies used for that particular procedure is calculated and reported for the cost containment review.


While the patient is recovering, the attending physician can review the reports through BMW Platform and make any adjustments as he or she sees fit. When the doctor accesses the report, the images taken during the procedure will automatically be loaded into the report, along with the dictation and the information taken by the nurse during the patient’s admission. The ability to access these files electronically removes the need for redundant copying or collecting several different forms to be stapled together. The resulting report is complete, detailed and concise.


The post-recovery nurse completes the electronic medical record and BMW Platform automatically saves it on the server. The billing department reviews the codes and submits the electronic billing. Best of all, billing can be completed on the same day the billing department reviews it because the encoding is already completed. At the end of it all, the patient will have their complete report, including pictures of the procedure and any recommendations that the interventionalist may have.

Real Benefits that Impact Your Daily Workflow

BMW Platform enables your entire staff to leverage the benefits of increased productivity every day:

  • Significant reduction of time spent in processing paperwork. Almost everything can be done by simply pointing, clicking, and typing into the BMW Platform interface.
  • Real-time inventory and supplies management means that the productivity and performance of the medical facility will not be compromised by a sudden or unexpected lack of supplies.
  • Eliminate wait times for dictation because all dictation and reporting is done during the procedure.
  • Minimized hours of coding for the biller because all coding is being done during the procedure in real time.
  • Anywhere and anytime access to the EMRs by the physicians with the use of a password, a computer with Internet access, or an Internet-capable mobile phone. The same access can be granted to consulting physicians from other medical centers anywhere in the world.

Using the Braintree medical workflow software will save your medical center time, money and effort. Now you have more resources to spend on improving patient care and services.