Orthopedic centers are invaluable because they treat ailments involving the structural architecture of the body itself – the skeleton that supports the body and the muscles that shape it. The purpose of an orthopedic center is to help people deal with illnesses and pain resulting from injuries and defects in the bone and muscle. It could be a fracture, joint pain from arthritis and rheumatism, sports injuries, occupational injuries, osteoporosis, congenital diseases that have affected the structure and motion of the body, and others. 

Having a medical workflow software application that can assist the orthopedic center in increasing its efficiency and its productivity is invaluable. Braintree’s flagship product, the BMW Platform, is a medical workflow softwaresuite that provides such a solution to an orthopedic center.The Benefits of the BMW Platform

The BMW Platform automates administrative tasks in the orthopedic center so that it will take less time and fewer resources to accomplish them. This outpatient software takes away the orthopedic center’s dependence on paper and eliminates unnecessary steps in its operational processes. 

Specifically, the BMW Platform possesses the following characteristics that can greatly help an orthopedic center improve the quality of its operations:

  • Patient scheduling and monitoring. The BMW Platform allows the creation of electronic medical records (EMRs) that make scheduling of procedures and monitoring treatments a lot easier. Information about the patient can be typed in with a few clicks of the mouse and a few strokes on the keyboard. More importantly, the EMR, as well as the clinical and billing reports, can be shared easily through a network.
  • PACS. The BMW Platform has a built-in PACS server that allows the orthopedic center to take images that will enable attending physicians to make more accurate diagnosis for the patient. The images can be stored and shared with other attending physicians with ease.
  • Inventory and billing. Watching over the use of supplies and the production of billing claims becomes easier with the BMW Platform. Items used during every procedure are automatically taken out of the master inventory so the supplies officer does not have to count the supplies all the time. Each procedure is automatically encoded by the system so that the billing officer does not have to work on coding every time he is processing claims for payment. Reports can be generated with one click of the mouse any time.
  • Business analysis. Orthopedics centers, just like other health establishments, need to be self-sustaining. The BMW Platform can automatically produce a practice analysis of the operations of the orthopedic center with one click whenever it is needed. With this, the orthopedic center can evaluate itself anytime and make the necessary corrections.

The BMW Platform is a complete medical workflow software application that can handle all the administrative tasks of an orthopedic center. It is compliant with the standards set by the HIPAA, DICOM and HL7. It enables an orthopedic center to do more with its time and resources so it can ensure greater patient satisfaction.