The computer age is upon us. That is why almost everything is now computerized including businesses and hospitals. Nowadays, there are now software systems designed to replace the traditional manual system of storing and processing information. The medical trade is not an exception, with introduction of technology such as picture archive and communication systems (PACS) and radiology information systems (RIS), among others.

Radiology information system or RIS as they are more commonly called are computer databases designed to store information related to radiology procedures. This information includes patient data and images obtained from radiology tests undergone by said patient. Because it involves images, it works in close conjunction with PACS.

RIS was first introduced in 1970 but without PACS, which came into prominence during the digital imaging boom. RIS are used in these areas:

  • Patient management
  • Scheduling
  • Patient tracking
  • Results reporting
  • Film tracking

The Braintree RIS

The Braintree RIS stands out among all other similar offerings because, as part of the Braintree medical workflow software, it has a web-based interface that allows users to share radiology data in real-time through the Internet. This makes sharing between colleagues possible and faster than the norm with the communication advantages afforded by the Internet.

In addition, BTRIS provides automation of several key manual functions. This makes the BTRIS an efficient system used for medical imaging practice. Because it supports the BTPACS software, the BTRIS allows for image and data customization and retrieval, as well as distribution.

Advantages of Using the BTRIS

Your staff works faster and with less effort regarding their individual tasks. With BTRIS, there no longer is any need to deal with cumbersome paperwork as well as maintaining and handling films containing radiology data.

Reduced Cost of Operations
With the BTRIS/ BTPACS tandem, you don’t have to spend a penny for your film supplies as well as for maintenance. Staff costs including salaries will also be greatly reduced with the implementation of the entire Braintree medical software for your medical practice center.