BT Monitor is a medical software that provides effective end-user solutions to those that belong to the health care industry. It is a system monitoring and management appliance that runs within a web-based portal environment. This means that it will provide you with information, usually in the form of reports, of the status of the network and software processes. It can also help you identify potential technical problems that may cause your medical workflow software to malfunction.

The BT Monitor program can run independently, or you can incorporate it to your Braintree medical workflow software. You can configure it to send you updates and notifications in terms of e-mail, text messages, and instant messages. The data that you need such as the current status information and historical logs can be accessed by a normal web browser. If there are no immediate replies or if the system itself cannot correct the errors, the BT Monitor will notify backup or escalate the situation.

Features of BT Monitor

Besides the basic features mentioned above, this medical workflow software component can also perform the following:

  • Monitor your EMR, PM servers, network routers, network switches, and critical software processes
  • Keep track of the networking structure
  • Monitor load processors, as well as usage and remaining capacity of disk drives and memory
  • Archive and generate log files
  • Report condition of the environment of the facility such as temperature
  • Support and implement redundant and distributed monitoring servers
  • Retain host and service status during program restarts
  • Identify problems through the web interface
  • Minimizes the need of paperwork and requires lesser maintenance

Where to Use BT Monitor

The BT Monitor, working together with the medical workflow software or independently, is ideal for small hospitals that need the support of a comprehensive software to compensate for the lack of staff. It can also be used by large health care facilities that may need to streamline paperwork and processes to increase productivity and efficiency.