In today’s world, hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, and all other medical facilities are just as much a business as they are a service. The health care industry is a very competitive sector of business, and in order to achieve success in this business, a medical facility needs to have a semblance of profitability while delivering high levels of patient satisfaction. One of the obstacles to achieving both profitability and patient satisfaction in a medical facility is the lack of an efficient workflow system. A paper-based system of reporting has been proven time and again to be inefficient. It wastes time, it wastes resources, and it forces medical facilities to focus on paperwork instead of their real job to service patients, save their lives and care for their well-being. Braintree zeroes in on this concern. What it offers is a complete medical workflow software application that meets HIPAA guidelines and accreditation standards. The Braintree medical software is cost-effective, easy to learn, and easy to maintain.What Braintree Offers
  • Patient Access Flow and Access History Management.
  • Web-Based Access to all Patient Information
  • Exam-Driven Workflow from pre-scheduling, scheduling through Billing
  • RIS for Scheduling and Work List Management
  • PACS for Image Management with FDA approved image viewer.
  • EMR for Pre, Intra, and Post Op Management
  • Inventory Management for supplies and Vendor Management
  • Real-Time Patient Admission Status
  • Point-and-Click Workflow Tools
  • Practice Analysis Reports
  • Safety and Complications Reports
  • Quality Outcome Reports
  • Customizable Performance and Financial Reports
  • Chart Audits and Recertification Reporting
  • Interfaces with Transonic, Vasc-Alert, HL7, DICOM, etc
  • Excellent Research tool
  • Referral Portal gives real time status of the patients to the Referral Physicians to view dicom images, cines, and clinical reports.
  • And much more

Benefits of Braintree’s Medical Workflow Software

Our end-user medical workflow software solutions will benefit medical facilities and specialty outpatient procedure centers in a variety of ways. These benefits include:
  • Accelerated productivity through the use of a single integrated software solution that is designed to automate tasks such as clinical report generation, inventory, billing, registration and scheduling, productivity analysis, image and report management, and storage and distribution
  • Increased accuracy through real-time patient demographic matching across all business and clinical workflow tools
  • More accountability and convenience with the fact that the medical facility gets to work with only one vendor to develop, install and support the entire spectrum of the workflow tools and integration services
  • Creation of permanent electronic archives of diagnostic quality images, which can be retrieved easily
  • Centralization of functions such as scheduling, coding, transcription, billing, reading and report generation
  • Elimination of redundancies and reduction of the need for capital equipment expenditures or disaster recovery through networking of image-producing and image-utilizing devices
  • Optimization of image-viewing and diagnostic capabilities
  • Increased ability to focus on the medical facilities’ core competencies through leveraging
  • Easy access to practice analysis, CQI and compliance reports
Having a medical workflow software application implemented in a medical facility automates most tasks and greatly reduces the time needed to deal with paperwork. Through the use of Braintree’s medical software, a medical facility can devote more time to addressing patients’ needs and improving its practice.