A medical facility’s ability to quickly adapt to the fast-changing pace of the health care industry is a crucial part of continually satisfying patient expectations and effectively addressing their needs. At Braintree, our goal is to help medical centers all over North America achieve a constant state of operational excellence through our medical workflow software. Founded in 2004, Braintree LLC is based in Texas. We specialize in the development of medical workflow software applications. We do business under the names Braintree and NephroPACS, as well as other subsidiaries and affiliates, all collectively known as “Braintree”. Organizationally, we are structured to reflect the needs of both existing and emerging markets within the medical industry. In order to maximize our ability to support our clients, we’ve established two distinct business units:
  • Braintree Products, whose primary role is to sell directly to end-user healthcare markets, such as vascular centers, surgical centers and specialty clinics located in the US and Canada.
  • Braintree Operations, which provides complete IT and billing management for outpatient procedure centers.
Our main focus at Braintree is to accelerate productivity for specialty outpatient procedure centers through our medical software applications. Our products are meant to deliver integrated, end-to-end software solutions and professional services that can help transform the way you interact with referring physicians, manage your workflow, position your business in your markets, and give high quality patient care. Through our medical software applications, we help ensure your success in today’s competitive healthcare environment by streamlining your business and clinical workflow with digital images and information solutions. The end goal is to make your medical facility a completely paperless system with cutting-edge technology that will improve efficiency and your bottom line. The Changing World of Healthcare In order to succeed in delivering quality patient care while maintaining operational efficiency, medical facilities need to implement workflow and imaging technologies that meet both HIPAA and accreditation standards. It is important that these technologies be both cost-effective, easy to learn and easy to maintain.
Braintree is: Braintree can assist you in:
Easy to learn Providing the best quality and most efficient patient care
Easy to maintain Improving the proficiencies of your practice
User friendly Managing your operations, staff, and facility
Completely Customizable Conduct practical analysis to measure business growth
Extremely Cost-Effective Patient scheduling, acquisition, interpretation and clinical reporting